Exercise for Couples with Kids?

There are actually a lot of fun exercise activities that will benefit the family. In order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you take in. The only way to do that is to get your heart rate up during intense exercise and to eat more healthy choices. Remember, it's only necessary to exercise intensely for 20 min to an hour each day. That's nothing! Weather permitting, going to the park to run, rollar blade, biking, jungle gym, flag football, tennis and many more. For kids and family exercise indoors you can jump rope, dance, bounce balls, stationary bike, dance dance revolution and many more. Remember to have fun and realize that it's just a short period of time you actually exercise to produce long lasting benefits.

1. Kids these days?

The reason for children maturing faster? RBGH, it's an additive found in milk and diary products. RBGH or Recombinate Bovine Growth Hormone is a chemical injected into cow to make them produce more milk, it also makes the milk watery, there are links to cancer and children maturing faster with this additive. There are ways to avoid this such as purchasing milk that is hormone and chemical free, I used to sell RBGH free dairy products. That is the sole reason for puberty begining early, as far as the attitude of kids today, THE PARENTS!

2. Kids or no kids?

kids - one day

3. should my kids ...?

take them out it becomes avery bad habit for the whole family it's so much easier to sit or sit them in front of the tv & computer go to the park, swimming or hiking just be out, stay busy or you can do arts and crafts or board games stay busy

4. Is Epcot for Adults or Kids?

I am 14 and when I visited Disney a year ago it was my least favorite. We spent a whole day there and I thought that was a little long. But, I think half a day would be good. You could ride the thrill rides, and if you are interested go through some of the countries. Illuminations (Epcot's evening show) is amazing and I would highly recommend it! Soarin' is also when of the best rides at WDW!! Of course, Epcot is not boring, but if you like thrill rides and different cultures you will like it! It all depends on your taste!

5. Kids Understand Love . . . . . . . . .?

I am very glad to hear about a young person so devoted to literature! I love writing too, it's great. What you have to realize is eventhough you feel your skills are beyond those around you, and they very well might be, you still have limited knowledge on the subject. I am not belittling you at all, what I mean is that in 5 years when you read what you've written now, you might be like,"what was I thinking? It's not like that at all!" Try not to niche your writing talents into one category either! -Your views on sex and love as an eigth grader ar far different from that of a full adult. Get it?.

6. Hot Topic kids VS. Hollister kids?

It's because each brand has it's own symbol of who you are, you do not see emos going into Hollister and buying skirts, and you do not see preps going into Hot Topic, and coming out with chains. Each store has a different style of clothes, and where you shop just has a lot to do with your lifestyle. I think it's better that way, because I prefer Hot Topic over Hollister any day, and there is nothing to change that. And the only shirts that Hollister sells are shirts that say HOLLISTER CALI 1854 in big letters over the front. And it really pisses me off, Hot Topic does not do that

7. Is this appropriate for my kids?

you are just coming off as stupid now..... Grow up. You want to bond with your son as a mother... Do something motherly. WOW... Maybe you can go drink and drive with him afterwards... What are you even talking about... kicking off a more mature relationship with him? SERIOUSLY!. .. yeah. .. I am going to smoke weed to show my son just how mature I am... did you have him at 11 or something? cause I think you are trying to relive your childhood... You hurt my head!

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