Emerald Engagement Rings Instead of Diamonds?

Perhaps the reason why you do not see many sites with Emerald engagement rings is because Emeralds are very soft precious gems. They are filled with feathers which makes them very delicate stones which can fracture critical. Good Luck!

1. what alternatives are there for commitment rings??

wedding ring, engagement rings

2. What do you think of engagement rings with stones other than diamonds?

I think it's great! The whole diamond thing IS overdone. As long as it means something to you guys, then it does not matter if you bought then out of a ring dispenser at WalMart. I personally always have wanted rubies in my engagement ring... of course, those are expensive, too, but just an example... Good luck!

3. Question for the ladies....Engagement rings???

cut, size and clarity....are perfect...i would be satisfied with a 3 ct. princess cut platinum band engagment ring...Good luck with your engagement...i know its NERVE racking

4. engagement rings who legally gets it?

If you break off the engagement than you shall give back the ring. If he break off the engagement than it's yours to keep. Yes it was a gift from him but if you two are no longer together do you really want to keep the ring?.

5. Top 20 Questions About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Yes! Pear diamonds offer incredible sparkle as they are brilliant cut diamonds. The diamond with the most sparkle is the round brilliant diamond, followed by pear, oval and marquise diamonds, then heart and princess cut diamonds. These are all brilliant cut diamonds. The way the facets are cut is what makes certain shapes sparkle more than others.

6. what do you think of these Engagement rings?

I like them both! They are both gorgeous, timeless and classy. If you are getting a smaller stone, I would go with the first one. The thin single band will make a smaller center stone pop and look bigger. The second one, with the cushion cut diamond and two bands, will make the middle stone look smaller. So if you want to get the most for your money and give the illusion of a larger diamond (who doesnt!?) then I would go with the 1st. However there is no "wrong" choice-they are both gorgeous! Good Luck and Congrats!!!

7. Are there engagement rings for men?

Yeah i think they have men engagment rings i seen them in a jewerly store

8. Birthstone engagement rings,where to buy?

My fiance proposed with a garnet engagement ring and I absolutely love it.( Garnet is not my birthstone, but I love it anyway) Get something you will love looking at everyday because you will be wearing that ring for a long time. You will probably end up getting a wedding band as well, so that will make any ring you love look more like a ring that represents that you are married. And do not worry about what that other person said abut other stones like garnets and sapphires not lasting because they are not as hard. Diamonds are the hardest things on the planet (no kidding) and garnets and sapphires are very high up there on the hardness scale. They are both very hard stones and they wo not scratch. Just make sure you pick out something you will really love

9. What do you think about a criss cross band for engagement rings? (pictures)?

I think they are really pretty

10. Do Males wear engagement rings?

he can, a lot of guys dont. its up to u two

11. A few Qs about engagement rings?

18ct White Gold Quarter Carat Certified Diamond Twist Ring. i dnt know it looks like it should have a match and no i never used Geraldonline.com good luck:)

12. In mens engagement rings what is better?

Check around at different jewelers, we got his tungsten for 89.99. And if your fiance has a rough job at all I would go with that. They are extremely strong and do not scratch! Keeps them looking great for ever!.

13. What's the name of the wedding band that the engagement rings fits into, essentially becoming 1 ring?

Wedding band guard

14. Do you think these are good deals for these engagement rings?

i like the second one better, but i dont really like the yellow for a engagment ring, unless it symbolizes something for the two of you. i think you are paying a little much for an engagement ring, but becuase it has the color, it will be more. ive seen a few engagment rings for as low as 300 so paying about 3000-4000 is a little bit, but if you think she will like it i would suggest the second one if you have that much money.

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