Does Anyone Know of a Filter That Can Be Installed on a Telephone Line to Filter 60 Hertz?

Does this problem occur only with your amplified phone? Does this phone require an AC adapter ("wall wort") or power supply? Is the problem worse with fluorescent lights on, or any light fixture with a dimmer? An AC power line filter might help. This plugs in between the wall and the AC adapter.

1. Can I install this Power Supply into this Computer?

According to the specs on your machine the second one is the same as what came/w it a far as the first one the one that came in it cause at the bottom of the specs page it says "power supply 200W" A power supply does not force, it allows up to(whatever amount is listed) so if you are not sure (and I would not be considering what you said) you can get a new 300W for about $30.00...

2. Power supply requirements for GEFORCE 9600GSO?

Standard Graphics Card Dimensions and Thermal / Power Specs for the GEFORCE 9600GSO: Height 4.376 inches Length 9 inches Width Single-slot Maximum GPU Temperature (in C) 105 C Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) 105 W Minimum System Power Requirement (W) 400 W Supplementary Power Connectors 6-pin How much power is necessary for PC systems ? For your reference, following are details that illustrates approximately how much wattage you will need to run various common components in a PC system ( the components are on the left and the wattage required on the right): The Motherboard: 15-30 Midrange to high-end CPU: 40-100 RAM: about 7 per 128MB PCI add-in card: 5 High-End graphics board: 60-100 IDE/SATA hard drive: 10-30 Optical CD/DVD drive: 10-25 So let's calculate a system with a powerful motherboard, a (High-end) CPU, 4 Gigs of RAM, 3 PCI cards (including the 2 (high-end) graphic cards), 2 hard drives and 2 optical drives. you will then know what PSU you should get. NOTE: Leave yourself a bit of slack in your calculation for future hardware - Example: As calculated above, I would consider a PSU of at least 800 Watts and get up to 850 Watts if the price difference is slight. Also make sure of the size of your case as the card is 9 inches long and check for this Supplementary Power Connectors (6-pin) port in the PSU. Hope this helps you

3. will this power supply operate on and improve this computer?

Corsair GS 600 is a very good PSU and is enough for your PC. Infact even a 500w would do. But to be on the safer side you may go for 600w. Note: PSU do not make pc faster. It will make sure that the PC components receive the recommended power and thus ensures that the PC is safe. Thanks Venkat.

4. What kind of Power Supply to buy!?

ok 1 what makes you think its the power supply 2 dose the fans turn on or do you get any power to the cpu or hard drive dose any of the lights turn on have you check all the connections do you here a hum from it ok you need to get 24 pin atx 12 volt you can go higher wattage if you want but make sure the size will fit in your case before you pull out the power supply check make sure the mother board lights do not come on fans do not come on and if you have a volt meter check the voltage to the hard drive or cd rom see if it is getting power red is the hot lead and black is ground and you want to set the volt meter to 35 DCV setting DO NOT USE AC OR OHMS check your memory see if the chips did not pop out and check the board shutting it off and on builts up heat and cold and could pop a chip off the board seen it happen a few times make sure there no dust or pet hair in the fans too that will stop them from spinning when you hit the power swicth do the lights come on or can you hear the fans or the hard drive spin

5. power supply enough for the 9800 gx2?

The 9800GX2 has a length of 28cm long (i dunno what share inches are lol) besides, use a ruler and verify the gap between between the PCI card slots and the different edge of the case If it has 28 or 30cm available with no longer something obstructing the gap, then u can installation it on ur case. BTW, a GeForce 9800GX2 eats approximately 180W-200W, so if i've got been you, i would purchase a 650W SLI qualified capability grant unit Now, in case you have an SLI waiting motherboard (like the asus P5N-E SLI) and u pick to place in 2 geforce 9800GX2, then you definately will pick a 850W PSU, or a 1000W PSU while you are gonna have a quad-middle intel cpu

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