Do You Think That There Should Be More Professional N.H.L. Teams in Canada?

Let's see: -The Winnipeg Jets moved to Phoenix and became the Coyotes -The Hartford Whalers moved down south and became the Carolina Hurricanes -The Quebec Nordiques moved to Colorado to become the Avalanche. Both the Avalanche and the 'Canes went on to to win Stanley Cups for the first time after having won nothing in their previous cities. The Coyotes were rumored to be moving to Hamilton, but it looks like they will be staying in Phoenix. There should be more NHL teams in Canada, but most of Canada's markets cannot support an NHL team. That is why most of the NHL teams are in the US. Even some of the teams in the US are not doing so great.

1. Ladies and Gents who have asked and answered here what the h--l are you thinking?

I have not seen him around, but if I do then I will definitely report him to YA, and I think they can forward it to law enforcement if necessary. Harriet

2. Are Quebecers/French Canadians systematically discriminated against in the N.H.L? on...?

Francophones will use the discrimination crutch to support their views, it's gotten tired and old. What I find strange and funny is that on the French version of the book, there's a bull and a frog facing off at centre ice, the English version was changed. If an anglophone had written a book and put a frog on the cover, Quebecers would be calling for his head.

3. Know any land marks or famous buildings that resemble any of the letters N, G, U, E, S, A, T, W, Y, O, H, L D?

shanghai's skyline , Sears tower, 1974. National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall lighthouse USA - Los Angeles - Disney Concert Hall 9 l'htel de Ville, Paris you can take a look at the link below for more Tower Bridge Deutsche Bank & Schiller Arc de Triumph

4. H A L L O W E E N-What would you think of me thinking not celebrating halloween anymore for eternity?

The traditional way and correct way is H A L L O W E ' E N. Unfortunately, retailers, mass media and so on have gone to using HALLOWEEN. "As Christianity spread across Europe and into Celtic lands, the Church tried to replace "pagan" festivals with Catholic holidays - Nov. 1 was declared "All Saints' Day" or "All-hallowmas." This made Samhain (Oct. 31) "All-hallows Eve," which would eventually become Halloween

5. Baby girl names starting with A, M, H, or L?

Anne, Alice, Amanda, Ashley, Annika, Analise, Aubrey, Audrey, Alicia, Arianna, Abigail, Anita, Ava Mary, Myra, Maya, Mave, Malinda, Marlene, Marissa, Maria, Marisol, Michelle, Meghan, Macy, Malia, Melissa Hannah, Heidi, Hillary, Heather, Hope Lacey, Lindsey, Leila, Leilani, Lorelei, Lydia, Lynn, Laura,

6. Norm of function $h in L^2(mathbbR^3)$

The idea is to exploit radial symmetry (see here for a formal justification):beginalign|h|_L^p(mathbbR^3)^p&=int_mathbbR^3|h(x)|^pdx=int_0^inftyint_|x|=r|h(x)|^pdx dr=int_0^infty4pi r^2frac1r^p(r^21)^p/2dr= &=4piint_0^inftyfracr^2-p(r^21)^p/2drendalignand now your problem is reduced to one-dimensional calculus.

7. what do you guys think of these matchups? i'm trying to help you guys out with an EASY as h**l 2 points.?

this is hands down. i would not bet on ANYONE who isnt an mma fighter going against someone who is. i wouldnt even put my money on the big show if he's fighting someone like frank mir or cain velasquez

8. what is the equivalent of 3=A C, 2=C, 20=S on a D B, 3=R in a B, 3=H in L P, 60=Y in a D W A, 180=D to R D,?

You gotta be real nutzo............. I love the first answer above here.. Hehe.. E

9. Ok, I want to get the h**l out of my house but my husband doesn't want to. There is like weird crap going on?

If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters) If it's somethin' weird an it wo not look good Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters) I ai not afraid a no ghost I ai not afraid a no ghost If you are seein' things runnin' thru your head Who can you call (ghostbusters) An' invisible man sleepin' in your bed Oh who ya gonna call (ghostbusters) I ai not afraid a no ghost I ai not afraid a no ghost Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters) If you are all alone pick up the phone An call (ghostbusters) sorry,i couldnt help,you say you have had that feeling since you were 13?then maybe its you and not the house.and yeah,you need experienced assistance,no one here can give you the right answer.

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