Do I Have First Rights to Slaughter on the Day I Buy a Child Or Parent Animal?

Tosefta, Chulin 5 (quoted by Rashi, Chulin 82a ; and quoted in Riff):

1. Regular YA posters irritated by recurrent questions about "horse slaughter" resumption in the USA?

I also agree with you. If it wasnt for someone posting it on yahoo about the slaughter houses i would never know ha i dont have time to watch the news.. LQ.Id probably have a heart attack and try my best to get my boys back. Ive been so worried about that happening im gettin my boys branded and i moved my pit bull and black mouth cur closer to the pasture so they can protect the horses better

2. Was closing the slaughter houses in texas and everywhere else in this country (usa) a bad idea?

I think when an animal is sick or dying and in pain the right and best thing to do for it is to kill it in the fastest and most pain free way one can. Not to get on a religious kick here but God gave man dominion over the animals. We should care for them and if one is hurt and dying with no chance to get better we should help end the poor things suffering. I am not for killing humans with terminal illnesses, which may make you think I am a hypocrite, sorry if you do. I do think we should be able to give medicines to humans to help them feel as little pain as possible. If giving them medicine to make a human comfortable speeds up them dying I am OK with that. Back to animals, While the idea of a slaughter house is not a happy one, there should be a way to put animals out of pain when they will no be able to get better. That's what I think. =) I live here in Kentucky, so we as a state worship the horse! I mean buildings, roads, and so on are named after famous horses. We sell horses several times a year at Keenland. I would say that here we may treat horses a little better than some other areas. I mean one horse farm here has crystal chandeliers in the barn!!! Yes, real crystal and most are cleaner than some peoples homes! =) Just thought I would throw that in =)

3. How is it right for God to tell us not to kill, but he allows the Israelites to slaughter other people? Is He not acting hypocritical?

It's not god but people we all have free will so its people that kill and it says do not murder which is intentional which is different from kill if someone broke into your house and given no choice you would kill to protect your family but I dont agree obviously with either but people blame god for everything its people that kill there is such good in the world followed but horrible things it's all very sad nite god bless

4. When Tamilians supported Jallikattu, they stated cows are like family members to them. But now they are fighting against the cow slaughter ban?

Disclaimer : I am not a Tamilian. I am from Karnataka and supported the Jallikattu protests.The Jallikattu protests were against the unfair ban put on the traditional sport due to claims by animal right groups of animal cruelty. This was clearly not true and if you would have read answers supporting the sport here on Quora, you would have seen many valid arguments for the sport. The supreme court jumped the gun and outright banned the sport instead of bringing in regulations. If there is some malpractice going on in a sport like Cricket or Football, you bring in regulations against those specific practices. You don't pass an order that no one in the country should play the game because of those malpractices. The protests had widespread support in Karnataka because one of our traditional sport Kambala is also facing a ban due to animal right groups. Kambala is even simpler than Jallikattu. Kambala is a buffalo race in a flooded paddy field.The issue of beef ban is a bit different. We Hindus take care of our cattle. We worship them during religious ceremonies. But that does not mean that we will go around the town forcing everyone to worship our cows. If Muslims want to raise cattle for meat, I am fine with it. I will never eat beef, but I will stand with my fellow Muslim or Christian or even a Hindu citizen who would wish to continue eating beef. There is a major common theme between both the protests. Both cases show an over reach of authority, Judiciary in case of Jallikattu and government in case of Beef ban. The government should have no say in what any of the citizen eats or wears or does, unless it has an adverse physical effect on his or her fellow citizens. The problem with beef meat is clearly a religious matter and the government should in no way be involved in it, as it has no adverse effect on anyone.When Tamilians supported Jallikattu, they stated cows are like family members to them. But now they are fighting against the cow slaughter ban?.

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