Do Hermit Crabs Need a Humidifier?

um... i have hermit crabs before without the humidifier and they were just fine so i do not think they would need it

1. does anyone know if there is a company which produces a plastic container with humidifier to control?

yooval m Look in laboratory research equipment.

2. Catholics: Have you ever filled a Humidifier with Holy Water and left it on in a room with a major sinner &...?

So THAT explains those mysterious asthma-like symptoms I had, which cleared as soon as I left that dump!

3. humidifier or vaporizer for nursery?

Personally I love the vaporizer. My son had bronchiolitis and it really helped him, plus it kept his room warm which meant that we could turn the heat down in the house. As far as there being a product that does both, I am not sure about that one. But everyone I know including my son's pediatrician recommended a vaporizer. Hope this helps.

4. What is the best way to attach the humidifier to the inside lid of your humidor?

most humidifing elements have magnets on the back you need to be able to take them out and soak them in water about once a week (very very important - do not use tap water - it will ruin the humidor - must use distilled water) - see if your humidor has a small piece of metal on the top inside to which you can attach the humidifying element - if not, buy a new element (about $20) that comes with a stick on magnet

5. How can I boost humidity with out using a humidifier or pebble tray?

Honestly, the fastest way to put humidity in the air is to put a huge pot of water on the stove and boil it off, you do not have to leave it at a rapid boil, just a slow boil will do the trick

6. I just had a baby. How can I keep my nose from being stuffed without using a humidifier.?

Try saline drops

7. What is a humidifier for? is it for breathing easier? is it for ashma sufferers only.?

A humidifer puts moisture back into the air. It keeps the air from being too dry especially in the winter. Anyone can benefit from one. It keeps your hair and clothes from being as staticky in the winter. It can also help with those sore throats you wake up with in the morning during the winter

8. Bought humidifier...humidity almost always 55% and higher...what's going on?

I leave my humidifier going all day. The winter air is so cold and so dry that it hardly makes a dent when the furnace is running. I certainly would worry too much about winter mold in Nashville. I was to live there, it's the summer you have to worry about!.

9. Why is my humidifier housing leaking , I just now installed it?

there is a good chance that the float shut off is faulty or installed too high. If this is a drum humidifier, some of them have a variable heightened hole for the float, loosen it up a bit and then lower it as low as it can go. When you mention a slope towards the drain, but this is not a bypass humidifier, Im not entirely sure what you mean. Either you have a drip humidifier without a flex pipe to the hot air duct, or you are referring to a drum(stand still water with rotating pad). If this is a drip humidifer, and it needs to be set up with a drain hose to the drain, make sure you hose clamp the drain to the drain spout. If this is a drum, open it up, let the water run, and make sure the float shuts off the water completely when you raise it. Sometimes with a stand still water humidifier the velocity of the air coming from the hot air is too high and blows the water out, but it really should be mounted on the return air duct with a 6 inch pipe connecting it to the hot air. I will put this on my watch list, please update with further details.

10. Does anyone own a humidifier that actually works??

yeah, it's called my shower with chamomile soap. I've used a lot of humidifiers and my shower works better.

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