Comb Vs. Brush? and Hair Care (?) Haha?

Definitely use a comb! Honestly, it does not matter how long your hair is, you should always use a comb, not a brush (especially when hair is wet) because brushes cause breakage and damage to your hair (particularly wavy/ curly hair since it snags easier).. You could style it using a hair gel/ pomade/ spray/ etc. and spike it all up, push the entire front back to look sleeker, flip it over to one side, etc. You are doing great with washing every other day because you wo not strip hair's essential oils that way:) so good job! Also, props for conditioning - some guys do not they just use body wash or shampoo and so you are doing it the RIGHT way! aha. :)

1. American Girl Doll Hair Care Help?

okay what book

2. Hair care products for fine, relaxed hair?

For Shampoos, use a moisturizing shampoo like Pantene Relaxed and Natural or Creme of Nature Shampoo and Conditioner in one. Pantene Relaxed and Natural Moisturizing conditioner is also good to use. Nexxus Humectress is a good alternative conditioner but it is also expensive. Elasta QP Coconut Moisturizer or Optimum care moisturizer is good for retaining moisture to the hair. Use coconut, olive oil or jojoba oil for your itchy scalp. It also promotes hair growth. You can also set your hair on satin rollers for curl and body with well moisturized hair, and oh yes... use a satin scarf at night when sleeping!! Happy Hair!

3. Can anyone suggest hair care products for frizzy hair?

I too am a Caucasian female with curly hair. I use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner everyday. Does not really matter the brand. I have tried all. The thicker the conditioner the better. Then I put frizz-ease hair serum on WET hair not damp. I let it air dry for a little bit then use a dryer with a defusser on it. Then I put a leave in conditioner on what frizzy parts come through (garnier) Good Luck. It took me years to perfect this

4. Are organic hair care products overrated?

Definitely! Organic beauty products as a whole are overrated, indeed.As of now I have seen quite a lot of questions on Quora asking if organic products are better than mainstream ones, and it's interesting how it has become so common to believe that natural and organic cosmetic products are the best there is. I do not think this is necessarily negative, I just think most consumers are simply uninformed. As a general rule, natural and organic cosmetics are not better for your hair and skin.Such an unpopular statement!However, as usual, it depends. If you compare a cheap synthetic product (for example some brands sold at TJMaxx which contain 90% of water in some instances) with one of the best natural and organic brands, obviously the natural one wins. I will never get tired of saying this: it does not matter whether a product is natural/organic or "synthetic". The only thing that matters is how it is formulated. Products that are well formulated perform better under any circumstance. At this point you might be can I recognize a well formulated product?My advice: choose products that contain the highest possible % of ingredients backed by science. Then try these products to see if they provide any benefit. If they do, it means they were also properly formulated.

5. What is the best hair care line for me?

Try the Herbal Essences collection. They have "Breaks over" which is a strenghthen shampoo and conditioner if desired. Also if you want a fresh feeling to your hair they have the "Drama Clean" shampoos and conditioners. If you lack moisture try "Hello Hyrdration". They are also very affordable each bottle is about $3.50. They also have the 2 in 1 bottles which is both the shampoo and conditioner for 5.00. I have the same problem and these products help alot.

6. Need some long hair care tips!?

i have thick really long hair down to my back, i would say when you get out form washing your hair instead of using a brush use a comb to de-tangle it as it will get knotty easy and instead of brushing loads of hairs out you can just comb it through. shampoo's i use Tresemme, aussie, Vo5, i think any shampoo will do but make sure that you buy a conditioner to do your ends as the wind does even give you split ends and that's what you need to take care of more, ovbs. you know the basics do not straighteners and that, but i use them once a day when im going out as i have naturally curly hair,(but sometimes curl it as well as it wont split ends that much) but conditioner should help it a bit use heat protection and once a month use like a hair mask so it gets right into the roots i use the avon one i cant tell you which one it is as i have used it, but any will do as its a nice mask for your hair. If you really get annoyed with all that then just cut it all off ;)ha ha Hope i helped a bit

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