Co-ed Sports Teams? Anything to Be Concerned About?

What exactly are you worried about? Is this some type of special hockey where they pair up on the ice and have sex? Or do some type of Ice Orgy? So he will play a game with a couple of athletic women, and so what? Do you feel men are born cheaters, and the only reason they do not cheat is that they are not on co-ed sports teams? Why would you be self conscious or jealous of the hockey women, it's not like they will all be super models. And even at 'your best' how would you look compared to a super buff 'works-out 24/7' woman, at least in your mind. Now it IS possible, that every time he leaves the house(even to just go to work) that he might cheat. And being on a sports team(co-ed or not) always has women around(wives, girlfriends, fans, moms, etc). But it's silly to keep him locked up at home.

1. Why is there no middle ground in the Twilight franchise?

I actually think there are quite a few fans who are somewhat in the middle. Most of my friends, including me, love the book series but were not fans of the movies. I think the fans that read the books long before the movies came out are more of the neutral fans. The media just over-hyped it & created those crazy black and white sides. If it was not so significantly popular I do not think many people would care that much, there would not be that many haters that's for sure; most of them hate it because it gets annoying hearing about it all of the time

2. best way to run two fans on top of my amp, i took the top off , im going to make a new top and cut holes for f

VERY BAD IDEA!!! Having fans in the top when the amp was not designed for it is asking for trouble. The heat sinks on the power transistors is where the heat of the amp comes from and is the location air flow needs to be if you plan on using fans. Ideally having the fans blow across the top of the amps heat sinks will be extremely better for the amp than trying to modify it. This is coming from someone who modifies everything. You will also need to change the method of the REM wire so you can control the fans. The best type of fan to use is a 12V DC brushless computer fan for no noise. There are two methods. Run a fused (1 amp, 14 AWG) wire from a fuse in the fuse panel that only has power when the car is ON to one side of a switch. From the other side of the switch run the same sized wire to the REM (remote) connection on the amp and to the fans positive power leads.. You can find fuse taps and in-line fuse holders at any autoparts store. -OR- You can use a relay controlled by the REM wire from the head unit. This relay will control the amps and power the fans. A fuse is still required to each device. I would use nothing bigger than a 1 amp fuse.

3. What are some things you predict will happen to the future of the gaming industry?

1. Yes, obviously as game as created they are going to be better and better all the time. 2. Possibly. 3. Higher going by the economy today. I remember when brand new games were only $20 the day they came out, and considering I am still a teenager and I can say that, it's pretty bad and obviously they have no intention of going down, only up, as the rest of the world is doing the same, not just games. 4. Yes. 5. Yes, a lot of companies these past few years have consulted with gamers and their customers online before making a game to see how the players would like it to be. 6. No, it will probably stay the same, but as always there will still be those *** hole kids these days saying how they are nerds and hardcore gamers when they've never picked up a controller in they are life because they are trying to either be cool or get laid by making themselves look like *** hole, kind of like what guys do as well. 7. I would indeed say so. For example in Dragon Age II you have to work very hard to maintain a relationship with one of your options, and they only have sex once, all the rest is romance stuff. 8. Yes. Again using Dragon Age II as an example, you can have same sex relationships in that, as well as many many other games I have played, so I expect it to become more common. Another example is Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. 9. There's a lot of things that certain companies need to do in my opinion. For example, Square Enix recently canceled a game that that have worked on for 6 years, and they made so many trailers and ads for, and got all their customers pumped for, just canceled it out of no where and refuse to give statements on it. (Final Fantasy: Versus XIII) They've also been messing up in the sense that they've made their Kingdom Hearts fans wait about 6 years now for a number 3, because they've made sooo many retarded side games instead of just making 3 like the customers and fans want. Their excuse was they would begin making it after they released Final Fantasy: Versus XIII, and now with what they did with that, I do not believe in them to do anything, and I am mostly boycotting them now due to these two things. No company should mess with their customers like that. So my suggestion to them is to not cancel a game after 6 years of production and getting people pumped for it, and to not take 6 years to /begin/ making a sequel to a game. That's my main suggestion at the moment.

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