Can You Use Cornmeal to Clean a Corduroy Sofa?

I would not . You might never get it all out, and that's an invitation to insects. And the phrase is "old wives' tale"

1. fixing sofa cover to sofa?

i think you should try sewing it

2. Poll Do you say , sofa, or couch?

Sectional and i say couch

3. Your thoughts on this sofa and loveseat?

I like it. Neutral and long lasting. Add some cool throw pillows to add character. That's an inexpensive way to change your style, whenever you want. Good choice.

4. Whats the best way to clean a sofa?

There is upholstery cleaner in the can that comes out in a foam. You brush it in and around in circles then vacuum it off when dry. Then pout 3 good coats of Scotch Guard on it and all sides of cushions. It works really well. It will take several cans. KMart used to have its own brand (same kind of can, different label) that's cheaper. I forgot: vacuum it first!

5. Cleaning a cream leather sofa.?

Vinegar destroys cigarette smell on a molecular level. It does not just cover it up, like air fresheners do. It destroys it. Pour undiluted White Vinegar into a spritzer bottle and spray the couch with this. If you do not have a spritzer bottle, you can apply the vinegar with a rag. Yes, vinegar stinks, too, but unlike cigarette smell, it dissipates within hours. And once it does, the cigarette smell will be gone, too. It works every time. -

6. BEFORE & AFTER: How To Style Your Sofa

A great blanket and pillows give an instant update to any sofa. Here, larger pillows transform the seating space and add comfort, while a draped, patterned throw softens the design. Pillows by Amber Interiors and Anthropologie; Throw by Jonathan Adler.

7. sofa vs divan in the UK and USA

is more of an archaic word, not normally used these days or may be used in a more "affected" wayis widely used in the States and also in the UKHowever gets used more in the States than in the UK

8. Are you sofa king awesome?

No...but I am QUEEN of my sofa

9. How to Cover a Hole in a Microfiber Sofa | Homesteady

Carefully cut away any loose threads around the hole with sharp scissors. Measure the size of the hole. Cut a piece of microfiber cloth a quarter-inch larger than the hole from an inconspicuous area of the couch, such as the back if the couch faces a wall. Cut a piece of fusible web an inch larger than the microfiber patch. Fusible web can be purchased at fabric and craft stores. Remove the paper backing from the fusible web. Center the microfiber patch on the sticky side of the fusible web. Insert the patch and fusible web inside the hole on the sofa, with the fabric patch side up. Place a clean cloth over the repair. Set the iron on a low setting for acrylic fabrics, and slowly press down on the cloth, running the iron smoothly back and forth over the repair to activate the glue on the fusible web. Lift the iron after several passes to check the repair. You might need to press a little harder or raise the heat slightly to achieve a tighter bond.

10. Can someone buy generic sofa legs ?

at publix

11. What are sofa doilies for?

They were favourites of ladies years ago in their little homes. Helps keep the furniture clean but mostly I think they were proud of them because the usually made them themselves

12. Do you dig in your sofa for change?

i wouldntdig 4 change cuz the u be scufin 4 money and that would make you a scumbag

13. Slip Covers for Tight Back/Seat Sofa?

You could try Sure Fit they have all types of covers

14. How to Make a Sofa Sleeper More Comfortable

Sofa sleepers or hide-a-beds may be handy for visitors -- or fine for an occasional night in the proverbial doghouse -- but they are not known for topnotch comfort. If you are OK with overnight guests overstaying because of your lush sleeping arrangements, you can make your sleeper cushier and improve its support with one of several solutions:

15. baby climbing to the sofa constantly????

ahh i hate that stage! all my kids did that too. we just took the cushions off for a while .. the kids could still get up there, but they werent high up enough to hurt themselves getting off!.

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