Can I Transfer Hex to Another Target After It Died Even If It Had Animate Dead Cast on It After?

Yes, you can move the spell onto a new target.Raise dead does not mention anything about any existing spell effects, nor does hex mention anything about a target being revived.No, you cannot change the ability check, you can only move to the spell to a new target. .

..choose one ability when you cast the spell.When you move the spell it is simply cursing a new target, you are not recasting the spell

Say I cast hex on a target, and curse the creature with disadvantage to ability checks with dexterity.

After the creature is killed by dropping to 0 hit points, a member of my party casts animate dead on it to turn it into a zombie. Since my target dropped to 0 hit points on my turn, before Animate Dead was cast on it, can I still transfer the Hex to another creature at any time on a subsequent turn of mine? (And can it be a different curse?)

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