Can a Child That Is Receiving SSI also Receive Child Support?

Yes, she should be getting child support.It wo not effect ssi at all.It wo not effect your taxes

1. If your child/future child wanted to be an atheist would you care?

I am an atheist, so why would I care? Plus I would let my kid choose what they want to believe in, I am not going to brainwash and force religion onto anybody

2. Is this indicative of child abuse or is this normal child behavior?

Hope this is not what is happening but I wonder if he has seen something or another older boy has told him something and gets his sisters to kiss his. Them being so young will not understand and do what he wants anyway. This could explain a few things and have nothing to do with his parents at all. Then again there is always that chance something is going on that should not be. I guess in today's society it is quite normal to think the worst. Remember kids see things we never saw as kids as the internet and access to porn is so easy. Also older kids love telling younger kids things they should not really know but this has always been that way

3. Is it child abuse to spank a child/teenager on the bare butt with a belt?

Yes it is abuse and it is sick! Those parents are twisted and perverted and should have their kids taken away. Do not you know this may cause lasting damage to the child's psyche? I do not know what the law is in america, but if you did that in Europe you would be in prison

4. POLL: Would you ever spend $200 on a pair of jeans?

no.gurl why spend $200 on a pair of jeans when i can get the same design for $20 at Ross 2: ooh, child, i would be suprised if my room passed the black glove test. lol no im just kidding. it ai not THAT dirty. lol

5. Is over feeding a child a type of child abuse?

I dont think so but I think it should be

6. Is this Child Abuse?

If this man tortures and belittles the boy in public, what happens behind closed doors? I am a survivor of child abuse, I know what happens behind closed doors.

7. Why is deadpool not child appropriate?

The Deadpool character in the comic books is explicit. Like the Punisher, it is a character created for more mature audiences. Deadpool was never intended to be family or child friendly.

8. Making your child listen to themselves cry: Is that child abuse?

Ineffectual. A two year old doesnt have the ability to make the connections your adult mind is trying to make. Two year olds generally dont need "punishment" either; they are trying to communicate something that they do not yet have the verbal skills to communicate. And, when i say that two year olds do not need "punishment", I did not mean that they do not need direction or reinforcement for good behaviors. However, they are too young to understand "punishment" yet.

9. Is spanking a child ethical?

Yes. I think it's more important to look about the different severities of spanking

10. A name for my child?

Is it a guy or a gal? Boy Matthew William Adom Jorden(A.J) Randal "Randy" Elloitt Girl Miranda Isabella Hope Yasmine Emma Tyler

11. spoiling child question?

I would try taking her again to some events and activities that are free. Then you could talk to her about it. Say something like, "See? We are having fun, are not we? I like it when we can go do things together. Just because I am not buying you something does not mean you can not have fun doing something else". Or maybe try asking her things like, "What is your favorite toy?" and try to get her playing with the ones she has and maybe she will see that what she has is just fine and she does not need to have a new toy every time her dad takes her somewhere. Or, maybe you could gently suggest to him that he or you make a budget so that you can get bills paid off. I know when I do that, it makes my fiance and I see how much our bills really are and how little money we have left every week. That little bit of money left has to only be spent on the things that we need. Maybe he will see that he really can not afford to keep buying her everything she wants and will realize that he's got to limit his spending on toys for her so that you all can live comfortably without sacrificing things that you need, or payments you need to make. Good luck and I hope he gets it soon!

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