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Brooms and brushes are the oldest tools being used to clean and sweep the floor. Brushes are also used for scrubbing, polishing, and grooming your office or house. These are some of the most essential items of our daily lives and you can not keep your office or home clean without them.

A broom is a bunch of husks, wood, plastic, and microfiber tied together at one end. As per the application, their material can be soft or hard. It is wrapped with plastic or steel wires to get fitted into the handle side for ease of holding.

Types of Brooms and Brushes Available at Moglix

There are two types of broom available in the market - hard broom and a soft broom. Soft broom has a long thinner handle designed to reach the ceiling of buildings. Hard brooms sweep dirt, debris on the surface of the floors, passages, and sidewalks.

Brushes consist of bristles fixed to handles or blocks. Filaments are fixed either in a perpendicular or parallel formation. It depends on how you hold it in hand. Brushes are available in different materials such as plastic, nylon, fiber, microfiber, brass, and steel.

Brushes are available in different shapes, designs, lengths, and styles. You can buy a brush that suits your job.

Best Brands of Floor Cleaning Broom and Brushes Available

Proskit is a leading brand and manufacturer based in Taiwan that supply products for electrical, electronics, computer, networking & telecom industries. Proskit also manufactures brooms and brushes of high-quality materials. Their brooms and brushes are the best options for homes as well as offices.

Fischer offers a vast range of brooms and brushes in the market. Their products are of high quality and available at affordable prices.

Amsse is a very popular brand for floor cleaning brooms and brushes.

Moglix is an online platform that offers a variety of products for industrial and home use. At,, you can find various quality products ranging from tools to safety wear and more. We offer the products that are the best in quality and affordable too.

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