Best Fashion Clothing Store for Men? H&M, Express, Forever 21, Gap, Urban Outfitters, Or Other?

Do not shop for men stuff at F21. I hardly see any guys in there. I really recommend H&M, even though they may be a little pricey. Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Gap are really good quality. I also recommend Foreign Exchange, Macy's, Pacsun, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Old Navy, Express, and everything I've said above. They may be pricey, but it's worth it. (:

1. How do I stay "up to date" in regards to fashion/clothing? Why do people care?

Well I live on 45 wooded acres with a rutted dirt road. My neighbor ( a fellow drunk) told me, "hey you done changed your shirt for the second time this month, hic, burp)! So as you can see I am at the opposite extreme of your dilemma!!!!!

2. Do all black males buy clothes from hip hop fashion clothing stores?

No, a lot of them go to stores that sell Polo Shirts and all that crap. There was also a lot of them wearing "emo" type stuff, and a few shop at aeropostale and all those other overpriced ridiculous stores. No one spends more on clothing then men do. Becky, who the hell wears FUBU anymore? So last decade, poor girl.

3. Where can I get a business license? want to buy wholesale fashion clothing and resell them HELP !?

Well what I do is buy stuff from ebay then create my own website using webnode dot com and people order their items and I ship it to them,I guess you can do that but I do not think you need a license if your using ebay,people do it all the time,I recommend you use a COD

4. What are good places to shop for korean fashion clothing?

well, i do not know how much u have but in like 100150 is enough...i guess. for shoes nike but puma's cheaper and long shirt that comes to ur butt and scarf

5. Is it gay for a high school boy to wear high fashion clothing like Louis Vuitton?

NO WAAY!! Its so sexy!! I find guys who wear fashionble clothing way hotter than any footy player! Just because i am a girl and love fashion doesnt mean i am buyist I just know HEAPS of girls (including me) who find its ultra hot ;) be bold! x

6. What do I need to make my own fashion clothing?

Hi, Yes you definately want to create your own clothing to add to your portfolio, that is what they will look for. As starting with creating your own clothing, it is always advised you start with a simple line adding on to your designs. Depending on what you are looking for, have a look at this retailer. but if you look through their items you will find high quality embrodiery patches and designs which you may use for your line. It has given me many ideas and another bonus about this retailer, everything they sell is iron on, and can be applied in about 20 seconds. The embrodiery items are also all iron and with simple 50 dress you can make it look 100 in a day. Have fun with your line.

7. If you claim to be a Christian, do you believe that today's female fashion clothing is modest or immodest?

Immodest. I have a hard time finding shorts I do not have to get a Bikini Wax to wear and shirts that goes past the button on my jeans. I just layer tanks and T's now and well.. I do not wear shorts often anymore. I am only 24 but I do not need everything hanging out to get attention I have a personality for that.

8. What is a fashion/clothing store that pays really well like $10 /hour?

no that i heard of there isnt

9. Websites for wholesale women fashion clothing/apparel?

There are tons of sites easily pulled up when you do an online search- like Google, Yahoo, Some styles tend to look cheap while other look more expensive. Have to browse a bit ------- cute modern pieces. Looks expensive and of good quality. Great selection. A lot to choose from. Pretty unique to basics. Some "club"wear. Decent prices. Nothing too exciting. california, club feel. Lots of basics too. Lots of options and colors.Not the biggest selection and seems to cater to a certain type of buyer. Great if thats you, but if its not, dont dig too deep- you will find many of the items " saying the same thing" If you are looking for accessories as well, bags, etc. For shoes, always running sales as well You are going to have to put in a little time to figure out which vendors are best for what you are trying to offer ( the potential retail customers) Hope This helps. Good luck! Hope this helps

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