Average Time to Crochet a Granny Blanket?

It would take me about a total of 4 evenings straight working to get it done. A 36 inch across or square blanket is the easiest to do in one giant granny square. But you must concentrate on getting it done. So you need about another 2 days for that blanket.

1. Cant get the odor out of blanket?

try vinegar with the detergent in hot water

2. Do you have a favorite blanket?

yea, mine is dark blue and gray and is really warm

3. Electric blanket bad for me? Help!?

I do not like sleeping blankets I sleep better in a cold room getting into a cold bed heating up myself naturally .There is nothing wrong with sleeping blankets though it depends on the individual but I do not use them

4. primrary color crochet blanket help?

hello,do you try WHITE?

5. Is it ok to give my hamster a blanket?

It's ok. But, make sure the blanket is not dirty, becuz then ur pet hamster can have STD with his Mrs. Hamster

6. Heavy Weight or Medium Weight Blanket?

For a clipped horse while that is that chilly outdoors, a heavyweight blanket could be maximum suitable. it relatively is relatively useful to purchase a backup medium/easy-weight blanket for while it is not that chilly outdoors. If it gets above 40-50 ranges and he's donning a heavy blanket, he will sweat. while a horse sweats under his blanket, it makes him even less warm, and that they might additionally get dermis circumstances from the moisture. i like rambo blankets the main suitable, they are fantastic

7. Is Sol-Blanket Insulation a Fraud?

It is a fraud. The poster who says it is R-16 lies, likely he works for or owns the company. R16 for poly, 2 layers of aluminum foil, and 1/8 inch foam? Really? Wanna buy a bridge?

8. Has anyone used a swaddling blanket?

You may want to try swaddling your baby with a normal baby blanket first and make sure they like it. I tried swaddling with my first two, but they could have cared less about being all tucked-up, so why bother. I never even tried with my 3rd and 4th child. To swaddle with a regular blanket, fold down one corner. Place baby down with head in that corner. Wrap the one side over her, then fold up the bottom corner, and then wrap the other side around her.

9. Should you blanket your horse?

I prefer to not blanket a healthy horse. I have found that horses left in their natural state with sufficient shelter seem to be healthier. However, If the horse is clipped, or stabled under lights for show, or ill, aged, underweight, or the weather is extreme you may want to blanket. But, once you start to blanket, you need to continue until the weather warms up. because your horse has not acclimated to the cold weather. Since I do not blanket as a rule, I have no recommendation for good blankets.

10. Wearable Blanket for baby similar to HALO?

You can buy blanket sleepers at wal mart. Check with ur hospital though when you give birth hospitals send you home with knick knack gifts and one of mine was a blanket sleeper

11. Why do we sleep with a blanket?

When we are laying in bed going to sleep our heart rate slows down and we are less active. To keep us warm we need a blanket

12. baby sleeps with blanket in mouth.....?

The baby I live with does this too.. We call it her num num blanket.. it may be better to leave it alone.. It is better than letting her suck her thumb.. Give her a silky blanket.. That is what kiersten has..

13. riding my horse bareback with blanket?

Definitely not - you would have no grip and slide right off

14. Do you support blanket amnesty?

I do not support amnesty of any kind

15. what would you pay for this blanket?

I like the fabric from hancocks. I think since it is a donation you can value them a little higher. I would be sure to make some for large dogs too. Maybe if you have say 2 sizes that would be good. Value the smaller ones at say $35 and larger at say $45

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