Are My Climbing Shoes too Tight?

That depends on how you climb and why they are uncomfortable. While others here have said climbing shoes only need to be comfortable for 10-30 minutes, that is really a gym climbing mentality. Climbing outside often requires several hours to a full day in your shoes, especially on multi-pitch routes. If you are climbing at a very high skill level and require very aggressively-curved shoes, this will aggravate the discomfort, but these are not always necessary by any means. Also, are the shoes uncomfortable because they are too small or because of the design? If they are too small, try on a larger size and see how they feel. If it is because of the shape of the shoe, then you need to think about how much you really require that aggressive design and how much it helps you vs. hurts you in your climbing practice. If a pair of shoes is that uncomfortable that you can only wear them for less than 30 minutes at a time, then how much are they really helping your climbing? That is a question you need to find out yourself.

1. Would Rock Climbing Make Your Body More Appealing?

No. I am usually mud covered and that ammonia reek is bat guano I climbed through last week.

2. What climbing plants are suitable for buildings?

Why not just plant them to grow on a trellis. I think the ones growing on buildings look so tacky. You probably have a beautiful cottage home so why cover it. It's not the root system you should worry about, it's the vines getting in the gutters and the overhang of the house.

3. What are the best fast-growing climbing plants?

It depends on what you are after and where you are growing them, but many of the common grape vine variants are rapidly growing when they are established, produce a lot of green leafy coverage.Beyond that various varieties of ivy are rapidly growing, and if well maintained attractive and provide great coverage, the choice again will depend on where in the world you are, things like Virginia Creeper are great in parts of the US where they are common, while common ivy (Hedera helix) will do well in temperate climates pretty much anywhere.What are the best fast-growing climbing plants?.

4. what do you think the best four wheeler would be i say 700 raptor?

Depends how you are going to use it. 700R is a great quad for drag racing and trail riding, but not so good for mud, rocks and ice. Honestly I think the best "over-all" quad would be a Can-Am Renegade 800. They are as fast as a 700R, 4x4 for the rocks, mud and climbing and a great looking quad. The only thing they really are not good at is the motocross track (no 4x4 quad is)

5. what are the basic rock climbing gears for starters?

climbing shoes, chalk bag, harness,locking pear shaped biner and a belay device. any aspiring climber should have these things. whoever is leading or taking you out to the crags should have everything else.

6. My dog keeps climbing our tree =?

Wow your dogs really cool x haha but you could chop the tree down but you can't if you rent maybe try scaring the dog to make it stay away from the tree that's what we did with are dog to get him away from are trampoline or could take your dog to an obedience class or something or you could french the tree so the dog can't get near it. Or film you dog climbing the tree and put it on YouTube and become famous x

7. Is there a biking/cycling equivalent to rock climbing, something that offers a similar level of intensity, adrenaline and endurance as rock climbing?

I do both, biking and rock climbing and the intensity is different. I guess you could somewhat compare long distance rides to climbing long multi-pitch routes as both require endurance but still... you can not really compare these two sports in my opinion. Perhaps try rephrasing the question or do a follow up question?

8. What precautions do you take at the playground? / Has your child ever been injured?

We are quite lucky, the safety of children's playgrounds where we live in London has gone off the charts, you could probably throw yourself off the top of a climbing frame and bounce, as all the playgrounds have that rubber floor! As a result my son has now opted for the adventure playground, a kid-hand-built safety nightmare from the 1970's and climbing trees. Luckily they closed the climbing wall (a 6 metre high box with no rail at the top, I kid you not!!). I think kids will get hurt and sometimes as a mother you have to sit and quake with worry. I have noticed with my son who is nearly 6 that he has to climb and put himself in harms way, I can not deny him what I had, he has tumbled out of a couple of trees and it has made him aware that climbing is not safe and falling does hurt. It's tough being a parent. As your child is still very young, personally I would stick with the smaller safer playground, plenty of time for injuries later! I have known no children seriously injured, touch wood I never will.

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