Any Ideas on How to Get My Child to Speak More.?

While you are working on the tips already given bear this in mind; you son does not say much but he says "Thank You" - how many other parents would love to hear those words from their otherwise chatty offspring?? And for a boy to put the milk bottle away!! Well done on your training so far and good luck with the talking.

1. can an akita take down a bear?

I think they could put a good hurt on a bear if they had to

2. Which bear is the best?

the one who is furthest away

3. Build a bear ville help where are the bear heads?

Finding the Bear Heads: 1. Coffee Shop Roof (in Furbulous Fashion District) 2. Town square Build-a-Bear Workshop Blue Curtain 3. Neighborhood Roof 4. Sportsplex in the grass after racetrack to the left 5. Paw Park (in the big flower pot) 6. Friendship Forest Park - behind the bench 7. Bear University - on roof above the small building with the arched door 8. Inside BAB Workshop (on roof of the stuffing box) 9. Inside Pawlette Coufur Boutique (near log off) 10. Outside Pawforming Arts Center. (on the bear left green plant) i think! i used to have the screenshots but i could not find it

4. how much does all of this alcohol cost?

You can buy a 22 oz bottle of bear. $3.00 Hynotiq: $15-$23.00 Well vodka $6-$8

5. was yogi bear a california grizzly bear??

Many "species Black bear" range from honey-colored to jet black, and can get quite huge in size, with adequate food, and life in protected areas. Hey, where's my pic-a-nic basket? Regards, Larry

6. Can you microintelligent design a panda from a black bear and a polar bear?

It has already been done - and without my help. Must have been some other intelligence around at the time.

7. Can you please recommend a bear proof food container for camping in bear country?

Do a search for "bear canisters". Garcia and Bear Vault both make canisters that are approved for use in National Parks. Depending on size and retailer they will cost between $49 and $89.

8. What is the Russian word for bear?

Ursa is in Latin. Medved is in Russian. The origin: Med=Honey Ved=knowledge So medved is someone very knowledgeable in Honey...:)

9. Is it possible for me to own a pet bear?

If you look at dogs, they are pretty much close to bears, cause of their snouts, LOOK CLOSELY... They remind ME of bears XD so get a dog, preferred a chow chow.. mines is a shar pae mixed chow chow.!

10. Which care bear is this?

bedtime bear

11. What is the best bear gun?

For the lower 48 states any quality carbine length rifle shooting a .30 caliber or larger bullet will work well. For a very nice lever action rifle look at the Marlin 1895 Guide Gun in .45-70. This has been universally accepted as one of the best relatively short range bear guns. Whether you are after Black Bear's or the larger Grizzly Bear cousins.

12. Will an SKS Carbine stop a bear?

Yes, eventually. .

13. AR-10 how reliable are they in bad conditions?

Alright to start off the ar-15 family is a good choice because of its ergonomics, accuracy, and weight. The bad side is the low stopping power of the 223 rounds and its history of unreliability. Well great news. There is now a 6.8 spc round out that produces 50% more energy than the 223. It can be used in any ar-15 as long as the bolt and barrel are 6.8 specific. It is a vastly superior round compared to the 223 and 7.62 x 39 round. The reliabilty problem is solved by replacing the impingement system with a piston which can run from 250 to 400. The problem with the 308 round is you can not carry as much ammo, and its superior stopping power comes with greater recoil which factors in with follow up shots. Unless you are one shot one kill ALL the time its overpowered. Do not get me wrong, it's one of the best rounds to come out of the military its just not an "all around" cartridge. The 6.8 is the only other round besides 12 gauge which can be used to hunt every animal. Does that mean you should use it to hunt bear? No. But you could. The cost is also much much lower than the ar-10. I built mine for 1200. This includes scope, ammo, and magazines. Any accessory that can be used on a 223 ar can be used on a 6.8. The piston system eliminates the reliably issues and the 6.8 gets rid of the stopping power issues. If you do take it under water let it drain first than fire it. If you really want to stay with the 308 round and are looking for reliabilty go with the m1a from springfield armory. They are offered in carbine configurations as well and since they run on a piston system instead of direct they are much more reliable. They are offered in carbine, match, and supermatch versions. They can also be configured into an ebr which offers greater ergonomics and adds more options for customization. I have not heard of any piston systems for the ar-10 but if you are able to find one go ahead and buy it since it will eliminate the relaibilty problems.

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