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The Most Shocking Thing About Melania’s Wardrobe Malfunction Wasn’t Its Hidden Message

On her Thursday visit to a Texas children's immigration center, Melania Trump wore a piece of clothing that some are touting as "the jacket heard round the world." The garment, a $37 find from Spanish fast-fashion retailer Zara, featured military styling and was emblazoned with the words "I really do not care, do u?" on the backCritics have come out to take the first lady to task at promoting such a message while confronting the serious issue of asylum-seeking children being separated from their families, citing the jacket as tone-deaf, inappropriate, and offensive. One might further argue that it is tacky and unbecoming of a first lady, but in the age of Trump is there really anything more American than buying environmentally irresponsible, poorly-constructed clothing made by underpaid minors on a different continent?While media outlets continue to pore over the intended message of wearing the jacket, the most shocking part about the scandal is that Zara has created a garment in which people are able to interpret any meaning at all. The retailer, famous for its cosmopolitan work-wear, dizzying abundance of inventory, and highly-anticipated sales, is not exactly known for hitting the mark when it comes to the slogans emblazoned on the items it sells. The choice of words often seems so random, so obviously written by a designer whose grasp of English could be considered faltering at best. The fact that she could locate a piece bearing a phrase that could be construed to have any meaning seems more shocking than the fact her union ever bore a child. Zara's clothing features a surprising array of questionable slogans, confusing for a myriad of reasons.There are items bearing phrases that mean nothing, confounding strings of random words like that tattoo of a Chinese character that was supposed to say "tolerance" but actually means "turkey sandwich."There are grammatical errors like this non-sentence. There are items bearing phrases that seem to have no connection to the graphic also on said item.Most perplexing are the slogans that seem to project some deeper idea but are ultimately devoid of any cosmic truth.Mrs. Trump's spokesperson insists there is nothing to be deciphered from her wearing of the jacket. "It's a jacket. There was no hidden message. After today's important visit to Texas, I hope this is not what the media is going to choose to focus on." However, it's hard to believe that a first lady, especially one with a previous career as a fashion model, could be so obtuse as to fail to recognize the weight placed on her every sartorial choice.Her own husband contradicted the statement, exacerbating the smoldering Trumpster fire by tweeting, ""I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?" written on the back of Melania's jacket, refers to the Fake News Media. Melania has learned how dishonest they are, and she truly no longer cares!" An interesting explanation, though assuming this president knows the mind of his wife requires a suspension of disbelief the populace is unlikely to indulge in.Zara has received ridicule for a number of their garments in the past. There was a t-shirt depicting a black man eating watermelon and a child's pajama set that resembled the uniforms worn in Nazi concentration camps, a faux pas which the company doubled down on with their promise to "exterminate" the offending item. Indeed, a former employee is suing the brand on a number of counts including wrongful termination, and harassment over both his religious beliefs and sexual orientation.I am unaware if Zara's clothing is meant to promote a white, cis agenda. The brand's use of diverse models may just be smart marketing. Perhaps their slogans, unintelligible to me, resonate with those in tune with the coded language of the Aryan Brotherhood. I am not caught up on my dues so they've stopped sending me the newsletter.The fact is, I really do not care why she wore it. It's an utterly ridiculous piece of clothing marketed towards bratty co-eds, and ultimately detracting the nation, myself included, from the issues that deserve our attention. There are 2400 children who still need to be reunited with their families. Now that we've all eased our distress with a laugh at the administration's expense, maybe we can get back to the task of doing so. We should be ashamed that we have allowed these children to be separated from their parents, that they are being punished for requesting asylum, and being held in facilities most of us would feel guilty about placing our pets in. We should feel outraged that some of them are likely to be irretrievably lost. Our apathetic first lady certainly is not .

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