A Guide to Buying Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are increasingly popular for office, business, private and recreational use. Customers use our rubber stamps for a variety of uses including arts and crafts, party invites, decorations, greetings cards, weddings, and personal messages as well as in the workplace.Since 1971, The Rubber Stamp Company have supplied rubber stamps to a wide variety of business and private customers. If you are thinking of using rubber stamps but are not quite sure of what to do, fear not! Our guide to buying rubber stamps will answer some of your questions.What is the difference between a traditional and self-inking rubber stamp?Traditional rubber stamps use a separate ink pad. These Perspex mounted stamps are widely used for personal and business use. They come in any size, shape or design and we will include your logo or artwork at no extra cost. Many customers use traditional rubber stamps for branding and promotion.Self-inking stamps have a built-in ink pad and are made with high quality materials so they are clean, reliable and easy to use. We supply self-inking stamps in a wide range of sizes and ink colours and we will include your logo free of charge!How many uses can I get from a self-inking stamp?Thousands! And when you notice the ink becoming faint, simply call us or order a replacement pad online.What size can I have my rubber stamp?We will supply your traditional rubber stamp at any shape or size up to A4. Our self-inking stamps come in a range of shapes and sizes that you can see on our website. Simply visit www. TheRubberStampCompany. com and have a look. If you can not find exactly what you need, give us a call. We are always happy to work with you to find the perfect solution!Can you include my logo or my own design on my rubber stamp?Absolutely! Just send your logo or design as high resolution pdf (preferably 400dpi) and we will include it on your stamp. We can add text as well. If you are not sure whether your logo or design is suitable, simply give us a call. Is there a discount for trade?Yes. Regular wholesale or trade customers enjoy discounted prices. Contact us if you would like to open a trade account.Is there a discount for multiple orders?Yes. If you are ordering a large number of stamps, call us on 02890 325889 or email us atinfo@therubberstampcompany.com and we will be delighted to provide a discounted quote.If you've any questions or would like more information of how to order your rubber stamp, simply visit our website or contact our team. All the options and types of stamp are shown online. There's also a FAQ section that many customers find helpful, but if you do not get an answer there or you are still unsure, just give us a call. We are always happy to help and our step-by-step online ordering process is really easy to follow, so you can get started with your rubber stamp order right away!.

is vitamins and fiber cover with food stamps?

nope,,, not considered a food you can buy a years supply of a multi for about $15 at walmart (equate brand) buy high fiber cereal for fiber

Food Stamps question (EBT CARD)?

I do not know my 16 digit card number

How to make potato stamps

If you have a few spuds lurking in your cupboard, use them to make a fun craft. Shaped biscuit cutters help transform potatoes into easy-to-use stamps for little ones. Adults will need to make the stamps as a knife is required, but this simple project wo not take long - if the kids are bored now, you can entertain them in a matter of minutes! You will need large potatoes shaped biscuit cutters sharp knife paint and paper 1. Halve a potato lengthways to make a long stamp, or across the middle for a smaller stamp. Pat the cut ends dry with kitchen paper or a tea towel. 2. Press your chosen cutter into the cut end of one of the potato halves - it does not need to go all the way in, it's just to create an outline to follow. Carefully use the knife to cut into the potato and around the cutter to create a stamp. 3. Remove the cutter from the potato. Your stamp is now ready to use! 4. Cover a table with newspaper and squeeze a selection of paints into shallow pots or a tray. Lay out some paper for stamping - kids can either use a paintbrush to load the stamps with paint or dab them into the pots. What if I do not have cutters? Biscuit cutters are handy for making potato stamps, but not essential! You can use a knife to cut any shape you wish into the potato. Simple shapes or letters of the alphabet are good choices. Remember to be careful when using a knife. If you want to keep your potato stamps, wrap them well and store in the fridge. They will be fine to keep for two to three days - although they may go brown, this wo not affect their stamping ability! Use your potato stamps to create homemade cards, tags or wrapping paper, or decorate gift bags and make pictures. For the neatest result, it's best not to add too much paint onto the stamps - dab off the excess before pressing down onto paper. Indoor activities for kids How to make a bath bomb Playdough recipe How to make slime How to make fake snow How to make hot chocolate cones Salt dough Christmas decorations How to make a snow globe Have you used potato stamps with your kids? Leave a comment below...

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