10 Best Mountain Shots at Pixabay. Editor's Choice

No matter how sophisticated you may be, a large granite mountain cannot be denied. It speaks in silence to the very core of your being. - Ansel Adams -A majestic mountain view is really a great subject for a cool landscape photo.

Mountains challenge to the human spirit and they always attract photographers. We've chosen 10 best Mountain Images at Pixabay according to Editor's point of view.And it will be really interesting to know what is behind these great photos.

thanks to all photographers who's told interesting stories behind these extraordinary photos.Image by GidonPicoAbout the image: Gear: Canon EOS 5d Mark II camera, EF16-35mm f/2.8L USM lensSettings: Focal Length 19.0 mm, exposure 1/125 s, ISO 100Image by 8momentsAbout the image: Gear: Panasonic DMC-Gf2 camera, LUMIX G 14/F2.

5 lensSettings: Focal Length 14.

0 mm, exposure 1/800 s, ISO 100The picture is from Oktober 2012 in Nepal. It was taken on a sideway from the Annapurna Treck on the way to the basecamp for Chulu far east, a 6000m peak.On the way to the base-camp (4 800 m) in about 4 000 m some donkeys where on their way back.

After a few donkeys the owner came around the corner.This picture was taken as snapshot with my small panasonic lumix g. - Simon Matzinger -Image by skeezeAbout the image: Gear: Canon EOS 5d Mark IIi cameraSettings: Focal Length 150.

0 mm, exposure 1/400 s, ISO 100Image by KeithJJAbout the image: Gear: Canon EOS 20d cameraSettings: Focal Length 32.0 mm, exposure 1/320s, ISO 100This photo was taken in July 2013 at Mount Robson in British Columbia, Canada. I took several photos that day as my wife and I had traveled to Mount Robson from our home in the interior of British Columbia.

The photo does not capture the majesty of this mountain. The first sight of the mountain actually brought my wife to tears. The photo was taken from the visitor center in the park.

We were told that the top of the mountain is usually covered in clouds, so we were fortunate to have a clear day this day. The elevation of this mountain is 3954 meters. It is ranked as the 119 tallest mountain in the world on the Prominence scale.

- Keith Johnston -Image by Seaq68About the image: Gear: Nikon D7200 camera, Tokina AT-X 16-28 F2.8 PRO FX lensSettings: Focal Length 16.0 mm, exposure 1/15 s, ISO 100The Bastei is one of the most famous sand rock formations in the Elbsandsteingebirge in Saxon Switzerland on the river Elbe. Formerly it's a rock castle, and is located to the south of Dresden, near the Czech Republic border.

I saw pictures of my friends photographers and I'd understood - that's what I have to photograph. I went there in autumn, 2017. On the first day, however, I was too late, the best places were already occupied by other photographers and the sun did not come through the strong fog. The next day I was prepared - I spent the night in the car and was there in time to get a place on the rock, the only one that offers this magnificent view.

The sun came up and it was perfect.

The Lilienstein was visible at the background and the Bastei was clearly in front of me. The sleepless night was definitely worth it. - Sven Lachmann -Image by sujuAbout the image: Gear: Sony Ilca-77m2 camera, DT 55-300mm F4.


6 SAM lensSettings: Focal Length 55.

0mm, exposure 1/200s, ISO 100The picture was made in 2017 on Christmas holidays in a nice place in Swiss - Engelberg. It is an alpine town in central Switzerland. Here I used to spend my holidays for several times as really like this place.

This image was made during a winter hike on the "Brunni", above Engelberg. The thing that impressed me most was bikers as I'd never met a "snow biker" before and I was amazed how easy they were moving in such difficult conditions. And as my camera is always ready to "shot" in my hands, I've made this significant to me snapshot.

- Susanne Jutzeler -Image by jameswheelerAbout the image: Gear: Nikon D5000 cameraSettings: Focal Length 14.0 mm, exposure 1/8 s, ISO 100Image by Julius_SilverAbout the image: Gear: Canon EOS 5d Mark II camera, EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lensSettings: Focal Length 47.0 mm, exposure 1/30 s, ISO 320For landscape photographers the Bastei bridge is a must place to make a photo.

This fascinating bridge, built in the middle of rocks, is a place that every photographer can not pass by. The ideal time for taking photos is shortly after sunrise, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Elbe Valley. After the photo session you can visit the Felsenburg Neurathen and its surroundings to take other original landscape photos.

You must be sure that Elbsteingebirge, with its photogenic rock, guarantees great photos for all photo enthusiasts. - Julius Silver -Image by kordi_vahleImage by jplenioAbout the image: Gear: Sony Ilce-7camera, DT 0mm F0 SAM lensSettings: Focal Length 70.0 mm, exposure 1/640 s, ISO 100And as a bonus - one more image we love a lot.

We have some contributors who use Photoshop for their works to make new original images. Here is one of them.Image by TheDigitalArtistI love to take a great photograph and manipulate it into something new, especially if it's a nature photograph. When I saw the original photograph of the climber on the mountain I just knew it war ripe for a bit of 'nature manipulation' work using Photoshop.

There were a number of things that I wanted to achieve with this piece of work.Firstly the original sky was blue with no clouds and a scorching white hot sun. I wanted something much warmer in colour and so I replaced that blue sky with a warm late afternoon, sun starting to set sky with a level of clouds to dampen the overall heat form the sun.

This added interest and colour to a large portion of the photograph.Secondly the original image had a metal ring bolted into the mountain that was used for climbing. I didn't want that in my image so removed it to take the mountain back in time before humans had messed around with it.

Finally I needed to change the overall colouring of the mountain and the climber. The sky, with the scorching sun was so bright that it washed out the beautiful colours of the mountain and the climber too was over exposed. So I applied some colour toning to the overall mountain area to bring out a more vibrant feel to the image.

A small amount of recolouring to the climber also made them stand out more.This completed the manipulation work and the new image was born! - Pete Linforth -All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications.

Attribution is not required.


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